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Safety Keychain Set Mysterybag

I only open 10 mystery bags a day. Free shipping.
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One Mysterybag
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As seen on Tiktok!! 

How do you work?

We have 10 Christmas gift bags with a safety key chain set, each with a prepared security key chain, ranging from 8 to 12 items.

We have prepared 10 lucky balls with the numbers 1-10. I will take a ball at random and get the number in it. The number in the ball corresponds to the number of the mystery bag, and you will get everything in that bag, even a dinosaur. :).

We will try our best to record the video and release Tiktok @ shedefenseshop or the Tiktok ID; of the video you see. If you want the video, please leave your order number in the order notes or video and let me know. Thank you.

Every day, 10 mystery bags are sold out. If you place an order on the same day but there are no bags left, I will give priority to pick up the bags that were not finished yesterday the next day.