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Horror Glitter and Faux Leather Wristlet Lucky Scoop
Horror Glitter and Faux Leather Wristlet Lucky Scoop

Horror Style Self Defense Keychain Set Lucky Scoop

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Big(3 horror wristlet + Medium)
small(5 wristlets)
Medium(10 items)
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As seen on Tiktok!! If you want your own lucky color, please leave a comment on your order.

How it works:
First of all, we will extract a lucky color ball, which may be blue, black and other colors, or it may be the pattern name, Stitch, Winnie, Harry Potter, Kitty and so on. The lucky color ball determines the color of Self defense keychain set.

We will be in a box full of colored balls with a note with the name of the product in our store. We will take  10 of these balls to determine which products you will receive in your balls.

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How do I get the latest items?

We update new items from Monday to Friday through the Instagram home page. At the same time, we often post time-limited discount codes or gift codes on Instagram. Please follow our Instagram home page for the latest update plan.

You can receive any of the following items:
  • Horror style Wristlet(by handmade faux leather)
    • Halloween (Jack, Oggie, Sally, Pumpkin, Skulls...)
    • Horror movies
  • Chapstick Holder
  • Hand sanitiser Holder
  • 1oz/30ml Hand sanitizer Bottle
  • Kitty Knuckles
  • Premium safety alarm with flashlight 
  • No touch door opener tool
  • Pom Pom
  • Aluminum Whistles
  • Hair ties
  • ....
  • 1 Free Gift