Mini Pocket Printer

Print Anywhere, Anytime with our Mini Mobile Pocket Printer

Secret tool for grade A

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Students are happy to learn artifacts

Although it cannot give you A directly, it can help you take notes easily.


Proper use of time


The purpose of taking notes should be to review and reflect, not to waste time drawing a structure diagram or anatomy diagram. Use T02 to quickly print note materials.


Take notes anytime, anywhere 


T02 has a large battery. It does not require a network connection. It only needs to connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth to print anything you need. T02 is very small. It can even fit in your pen bag. It's so convenient. 


Keep your notes well


No one wants their notes to disappear when reviewing for an exam. T02 uses professional technology to keep printed content up to 10 years without worrying about the printed content suddenly disappearing. And when purchasing more sticker rolls at the same time, you will get a discount.